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Software Solution for Selling Services On-Demand

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Software Solution for Selling Services

Welcome to AlgosRus Inc (pronounced Algos Are Us)!!

There are many software solutions for selling products. And very few to sell SERVICES!

Not any more. 

Our Software solution is like UBER app but for SERVICES. (Legal disclaimer - we are not  affiliated with Uber). Just like a customer can use the Uber app to summon a Cab, using our On-Demand Service Software, a user can summon a service provider (could be a doctor or a nurse or a tutor or an Yoga instructor or a HVAC or Home Repair Technician or a service provider in any of the 54 service categories that we have identified).

Who are our clients?

a) If you are a service-based business (providing financial, healthcare, professional, educational or repair services) looking to embrace on-demand capabilities to offer your services, Look no further! Our on-demand software solution on web app / iOS app / Android app is here to help.


b) If you an entrepreneur who wants to operate an on-demand service marketplace (like on-demand event staff or on-demand notary or on-demand swimming pool cleaning & maintenance), you have come to the right place. You license our software and run your hi-tech on-demand services business. We maintain the software and apps so you don't have to maintain a software development team.

Call us now at 646 991 1612 and we will help you set up on-demand service management for your service business.

Please click here to see a demo of our On-Demand Service Software

On-Demand Service App Solution for Businesses who provide services

With our platform, you can easily create a catalog of your services, making it easy for customers to browse and select the options that best fit their needs 24x7. And when an order comes in, our system routes it directly to the appropriate in-house service provider within your organization, ensuring that your customer can be provided on-demand service. Service order status moves from 'waiting for a service provider' to 'in progress' to 'completed' as the service gets provided to your customers.

This means you can focus on delivering top-quality service to your customers, while our software takes care of the rest. With our solution, you'll be able to:

* Easily manage and sell your services online via a web app/iOS app/Android app 24x7
* Streamline your service delivery process by service order status management
* Improve customer satisfaction by offering on-demand service
* Increase efficiency, productivity & profitability since on-demand service orders will flow 24x7

Try our software solution today and see the difference it can make for your business.

Use Cases

Please click on the below links to learn more.

Financial Services like Financial Advisory, Tax Filing, Wealth Management

Healthcare services like On-demand doctor, nurse or mental health

Professional Services like Legal, Accounting, IT Staffing, Tech Support

Educational Services like online learning & Corporate training

Repair Services like HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Repair

Entrepreneurs Launch your own On-Demand Service Business with

Launch your own On-Demand Service Marketplace with

On-Demand Service Marketplace Solution for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Our 'On Demand Software Platform Framework' allows us to churn out web app / iOS app / Android app in over 54 verticals in 20 country/language combination where service seeker orders are routed to service providers using Artificial Intelligence.

In the Healthcare sector, you can start businesses like On-demand doctornurse/caregivermental health professional or physical therapist.

For the Home Sector, you can operate an on-demand marketplace for Home RepairLandscapingPublic AdjusterSwimming Pool Maintenance or House Cleaning.

In the Information Technology Sector, run a hi-tech On-Demand business for Information Technology Professionals, Software Developers, Tech Support or On-Demand Software Training.

For the Learning and Education Sector, change the world by running an On-Demand Dance InstructorPainting InstructorSports CoachYoga Instructor or Tutor (For Middle/High School and College) business.  

For Business, you can operate your own On-Demand business in these areas -  Climate Trade MarketplaceCollege Athletes for Business PromotionFactory WorkersOffice SpaceRecruiterRetail HelpRealtorSubstitute TeacherVirtual Assistant, or Warehouse Help.

For the Finance Industry, use our On-Demand to operate profitable businesses like on-demand Funding for StartupsFiduciary Financial AdvisorsWorking Capital and LPs for GPs for Venture Capital Industry.

In the Personal space, you can start on On-Demand service marketplace business in any of these areas - On-demand ChauffeurConciergeDog WalkerDivorce LawyerEntertainersEvent StaffGrocery DeliveryMoving ServicesNannyNotaryPersonal ShopperPersonal Injury LawyerTravel Service,  Tourist Guide and On-Demand Vehicle Repair.

If you want to focus on the Restaurant Industry, you can start an On-Demand Chef and Bartender and Meal Prep and Delivery business.

We will provide you the Web app / iOS app / Android app. We will maintain the On-Demand Software Platform, so you can concentrate on running the hi-tech business.

Are you ready to run an On Demand Services Business?

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